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Potable Water Treatment Plants

Potable water is the basic need of a life. In the water management system, the treatment plant plays a crucial role as it makes the water up to the drinking water standards. EPEPL, implement the water treatment plants for the community need with various technologies based on the source and quality of the raw water. Surface water treatment plants are provided for the removal of colour, suspended solids and coliforms. In order to remove dissolved inorganic & organic solids generally, membrane-based solutions are adopted.

Surface Water Treatment

Surface water treatment plants are meant for river/lake water and the scheme comprises of Aeration, Sedimentation, Filtration & Disinfection.

Membrane based treatment

Membrane based treatment plants are provided incase of bore well water and for desalination plants which generally comprises of Micro Filtration, Ultra filtration & Reverse Osmosis.

Water Treatment Plants

130 MLD  Surface Water Treatment Plant for Telangana Watergrid.

Automation for Water Treatment Plant @ Sangareddy

90 MLD  Surface Water Treatment Plant for Telangana Watergrid.

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