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Under Ground Drainage Systems

Due to increasing urbanization, the sewage generation is more and required proper collection and disposal systems. EPEPL provides construction of sewer network systems with optimum design at various subsoil conditions. Various MOC of pipes like RCC, Cast Iron, HDPE, UPVC etc., are used based on the design conditions. We offer trench-less technology for laying of pipes wherever open cut is not possible. The most challenging part in the execution of underground sewerage system is to ensure safety for the laying crew.

Lifting stations and pumping stations are provided to minimize the depth of sewer lines to make ease of maintenance. Sewer cleaning machines like jetting machines and cesspool emptier are provided for the purpose of maintenance.

Under Ground Drainage Systems

Under Ground Drainage Scheme at Rajapalayam.

Main Pumping Station for Nellore Sewerage Project.

Sewer Cleaning Equipment for Sewerage Scheme @ Agartala

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