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SN Description Location
25 Construction of water treatment plant DAE Township Kalpakkam and Anupuram Chennai,
26 Construction of Water Treatment Plant of 39 MLD capacity, Clear water sump of 2000 KL capacity, Pump house , Watch man quarters as per specifications at Warangal for Warangal WSI Scheme. Warangal,
27 Construction of Water Treatment Plant of 30.5 MLD capacity, Clear water sump, Offtake arrangements of east canal, Collection well & Raw water pump room at the head work. for Tenali WSIS Scheme. Warangal,
28 Construction of water treatment plant & rising main works for Agartala water supply scheme under JNNURM, Agartala Agartala,
29 Design, Construction, Procurement, Installation, Testing, Commissioning And Maintaining (One Year After completion of defect liability period) 2 MLD Capacity Sewage Treatment Plant (Anaerobic Cum Extended Aeration Process) at Government Medical College Trissur, Kerala Trissur,
30 Construction of Water Treatment Plant of 10 MLD capacity, Clear water sump, WBM Road, Compound wall for Madanapally WSIS Scheme. Madanapalli,
Andhra Pradesh
31 Investigation, Design, Execution of Nagari dying units Effluent Treatment Scheme by construction of Effluent Treatment Plant, effluent pipe line network, screen chambers, grit chambers, Raw Effluent Sump, Equalisation and Neutralisation Tank, Primary Clariflocculator, Aeration Tank, Secondary Clarifier, Filter Feed Tank, Multimedia Filtration Plant, Aerated Effluent Holding Tank, Sludge Drying Beds, Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing and Trial run of Wast Water Pump sets and air blowers, erection of machinery, construction of pump houses, watch man and electrical quarters, lab and chemical house including trial run and commissioning the scheme Nagari,
Andhra Pradesh
32 Design(Basic engineering and Detailed Engineering),Submission of Drawings, Getting it approval from the department, Mobilisation of all required resources to project site and Construction of 63 MLD Capacity WTP, for PR-RWS Department At Anantapur Including Supply of equipment such as Electromechanical, Instrumentation, Electrical Equipment and other items Etc. Anantapur,
Andhra Pradesh.
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